Tatonka History


Winfried Schechinger founded the Mountain Sport GmbH in Gräfelfing/ Munich for sporting goods distribution



Build of the first production site in Vietnam plus approx. 250 employees



Move to the new factory (previously Mountech 1) plus approx. 350 emloyees
1993  Received investment license for Mountech Co. Ltd. as a 100% Vietnamese company with 100% foreign capital. License was obtained for 15 years and extended for another 15 years in 2008

Worldwide registration of personal trademark 'TATONKA' (=Bison) as word and image brandmark

Gradual build-out of production site to 450 employees



Expansion of Mountech Co. Ltd. from 450 to 600 employees

Mountain Sport GmbH becomes Tatonka GmbH in Germany



Construction of second production site in Ho Chi Minh-City (Administration, Tent production, Accessories, Pattern sewing, Backpacks, Day packs, Shoulder bags) - there are 750 employees in Mountech Co. Ltd.



Construction of stainless steel production within Mountech



Mountech employs 1050 employees



First large developmental set-back in Vietnam after the breakout of the Asian economic crisis


2001  Second rebound for the tourism industry in Vietnam after the breakout of S.A.R.S. in Vietnam and spread to wide parts of Asia



15-year jubilee of Mountech Co. Ltd. In Saigon



6-months paralysed with shock after the breakout of the global economic crisis - shorty after resuming dynamic force as if there was no crisis



Merger of production sites in Saigon to a single site



Construction of new development division in Mountech



Mountech Co. Ltd. has received the SA8000 Certificate. The internationally recognized SA8000-Norm verifies that our company observes the standards for work and social accountability in conformity with ILO and UN conventions.



Start of the "Open Factory" project: interested customers can visit the production plant in Vietnam and see for themselves the sustainable social commitment of the Tatonka Company.



Open Factory celebrates its first successful year.

The non-profit organization MADE-BY certifies TATONKA with 100% achievement of the stipulated social standards (Class A: Ethical Trading Initiative, Fair Wear Foundation, Social Accountability 8000, low-risk countries).



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